Over the last 12 months we have been renovating a dilapidated 400-year old cottage and are very proud of the way we successfully created a stunning home for a lucky family.


Renovating listed building is not for the faint-hearted and we have been able to learn a great deal from the process.

From the beginning of the project we realised that we had a duty to renovate the property back to the correct standards, preserving historic features as well as maintaining the character of the building.

However that doesn’t mean we couldn’t have fun bringing a modern twist to the project which can be seen with the new brick extension and glass walk-way which connects the old and the new. Everything we did was with a nod to the past, it was hard not to as when we peeled back the layers we found the marks of tradesmen from centuries past.

We honoured the traditions of our forebears where possible and utilised reclaimed materials such as part of a canal lock-gate for the ridge beam.

It was such a great experience to come together as a team to create a wonderful new home for someone and whilst we fought on through the winter months before the central heating was installed, are excited for whoever gets to spend the summer here.

Check out the full article within the Daily Mail here and get in touch if you want us to get involved in your project.


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